14 Week Pregnancy Update + Bumpie

Well Week 14 has absolutely flown by! I was off on half term so I got lots of naps and chill time in as well as some fun things (& baby shopping!) which was a lovely change.

Week 14 pregnancy update and bumpie


Dizziness – Unfortunately the dizziness and ‘hypos’ from Week 13 are still sticking around (though the midwives had already warned me they would) that being said I’m getting a lot better at managing them and being off on half term meant it was much easier to snack and take breaks when I needed to.

Sleeping – My sleep pattern has started to get a little messed up, which I’m so not appreciating! I feel tired so head to bed but then I can’t sleep. When I finally do get to sleep I unfortunately keep waking up during the night, not to pee or anything just because my tummy feels weird and I can’t seem to get comfy!

Headaches – A charming new symptom that seems to have started is headaches. I’m not just talking about your average headache, I’m taking absolute ‘head’s going to explode, I don’t know if I can move’ type headaches and they’re really not pleasant! If anyone has any top tips on how to manage them or even make them a little easier then please send them my way! (I’m drinking an insane amount of water so it can’t be dehydration)

Acne – The charming pregnancy acne that I had back in my first trimester is back with a vengeance much to my utter disgust. It’s making me feel so unhappy with my appearance and making me slightly resentful of pregnancy. I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s hormonal and that as soon as Squish is here it’ll all go away and totally be worth it!

Boobs – The final change this week has been my boobs getting even bigger! I can’t imagine how much more giant they’re going to get, they already feel huge! I’ve been using my Boob Tube cream from Mama Mio twice a day everyday in a hope of keeping those stretch marks away!

14 Week Bumpie

Week 14 pregnancy update and bumpie

Now it’s time for that all exciting bumpie! I feel I’ve grown loads since my last bumpie!

As I mentioned above we did some more baby shopping this week. I was kindly sent a changing bag from Idaho Jones, which I’ll show you a little more about soon and they’ve kindly given me a discount code to get 15% off if you’re looking for a new changing bag! Just pop the code PaleGirl15 in at the check out. We picked up a few more baby grows and body suits (I’ve got a little haul coming next week so prepare for all the cuteness!) We’ve also been scoping out travel systems, I’m headed to Mamas & Papas tomorrow to try and make a final decision!

Week 14 pregnancy update and bumpie Idaho jones bag changing

As always I hope you enjoyed this little update! I have a little treat coming this week that I’ll be taking you along with on insta stories so make sure to check it out on Saturday.

Week 14 pregnancy update and bumpie


  1. February 20, 2018 / 5:59 pm

    Your bump is SO CUTE! I remember when mine was that small! Now I feel like I’m carrying a watermelon ! I remember the awful headaches and struggling to sleep… I have trouble sleeping now and it is because of the constant peeing. Love these little updates girly – keep them coming xxx
    sairasays.co.uk xxx

  2. Amy
    February 27, 2018 / 11:34 am

    Aww your bump ☺️ I used to have awful headaches to! I used 4 head when I was pregnant and it really helped like a cooling stick thing that you rub on your head lol 😂 sounds weird but works xx

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