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  1. Georgina Gardner says

    A bump support band was a lifesaver for me until mid 3rd trimester (when it didn’t fit anymore haha). Have you considered pregnancy yoga? That might help you loosen up and help your back pain. xx

  2. captaineverland says

    I haven’t check out your blog in a while and suddenly you’re expecting a little one! Aww how lovely! And this makes me excited to follow your journey. How good would it be if you’re still crave for pasta while in Italy? 😉 x Ain

  3. Liv says

    I’m really loving your pregnancy updates, it will be so nice for you to look back and read these experiences! So cute xx

  4. jennyinneverland says

    I’m loving your pregnancy updates! I absolutely adore all the white and gold baby suits, they’re super cute! Hope the back pain eases! That sounds awful. I get lower back pain and I’m NOT pregnant, and that’s bad enough! xxx

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