15 Week Pregnancy Update + Bumpie

I’m slightly behind this week, this technically my 15 Week update should have been up last week but you know, life happens! Thankfully I made a list of my symptoms from week 15 at the time so as not to mix it up with my week 16 & 17 symptoms! Can you believe I’m nearly at the half way mark?! I can’t quite believe it myself! Our big 20 week scan is only a few weeks away, even less if you count the week Tim and I are in Italy for!

15 Week Pregnancy Update and bumpie baby bump


.lower back pain – lower back pain has been THE WORST THING EVER this week! It had me almost unable to move at points, was keeping me up all night and waking me up it was so sore. Mornings were particularly bad when I was extra stiff from ‘sleeping’ (I say sleeping in quotes.. read my next point!) I’m definitely going to be mentioning the pain to my midwife and I’ve picked up a bump support band at my fav JoJo Maman Bebe in a hope that it might help!

.not sleeping – as I said above the back pain has been a major hindrance in sleeping but even if I didn’t have the lower back pain I still don’t seem to sleep, I’ve been going to bed around 10 o’clock each night and then waking up at midnight and then that seems to be me awake for most of the night! I just cannot seem to get comfy no matter what I try, even my pregnancy pillow hasn’t helped this week.

.being irritated – I think this is partly due to the lack of sleep and back pain but I’ve seemed to be so irritated this week! The smallest thing seems to set me off and I’ve just felt super stressed! When I asked Tim what symptoms he thought I’d had this week he said ‘being grumpy’ straight away! So I must have been in a rather foul mood all week bless him!

.pasta – my final symptoms this week has been pasta!! Okay, more realistically I’ve had major food cravings for pasta. I don’t know what it is about it but I just wat to eat it all the time, I’m pretty sure I had pasta for dinner six nights in a row?! Don’t judge! I hope this craving goes away sooner rather than later though or I’m going to get seriously fat! The best pasta has to be IKEA’s hidden vegetable pasta and the fact it has veggies in it makes me feel a lot better about eating it!


15 Week Pregnancy Update and bumpie baby bump

I am loving watching my lil bump grow! If you saw my insta stories the other week or read my post on JoJo Maman Bebe’s Maternity VIP Experience you’ll know I treated myself to lots of new maternity things to accommodate my growing bump and it’s felt so refreshing to wear some tighter more ‘me’ pieces rather than hiding in baggy jumpers. I was beginning to really hate my body but my new clothes have given me a new outlook!

I’ll try and get my 16 week update up this week too to get me back on track and then next week I have the first of what I’m sure will be many baby hauls! All about shopping gender neutral!

Did you have any similar symptoms during your 15th week? How did you find your body changing and your growing bump?

15 Week Pregnancy Update and bumpie baby bump