Temple Spa Mummy Survival Kit

If you’ve been reading PaleGirlRambling for a while you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Temple Spa. I reviewed some of their products way back in June 2017 last year and their moisturisers have remained firm favourites ever since. If you haven’t heard of Temple Spa, they’re a cruelty free brand who’s products are inspired by the Mediterranean. Like the name suggests, their products make you feel like you’re having a spa treatment, from the comfort of your own home! They use lots of natural, botanical ingredients to keep skin as healthy as possible and even donate 10% off profits to worthwhile charities. They kindly sent me a few products to help get me through my final few months of pregnancy and I am in love with everything!

Temple Spa Mummy Survival Kit sole Balm aaahhh quietude repose windows of the soul

If you read my current beauty favourites you’ll already have heard about this amazing product. My feet have been very sore throughout pregnancy and with the heat Northern Ireland has had recently it’s been even worse! Sole Balm* has been an absolute life saver! My tub is actually almost finished already, I’ll need to stock up on more! Tim has been massaging this thick cream into my feet every night and sometimes during the day too if my feet are extra sore. It’s super cooling and helps to reduce the swelling. Not only that but my feet have never been so soft and hydrated, perfect for summer time and sandal weather!

Temple Spa Mummy Survival Kit sole Balm aaahhh quietude repose windows of the soul

Alongside the sore feet my legs have really been feeling carrying around the extra weight and being on my feet all day in work. Enter my other life saving product, ‘AAAHHH‘*. This ultra cooling leg cream again helps to reduce any swelling in my lower legs, cools me down and just feels generally amazing. It sinks in really quickly so you can apply it during the day and not have to worry about leaving time for it to dry in.

Windows Of The Soul* is a saviour for my ever growing undereye bags. The lack of sleep due to my expanding bump means my undereye circles are getting darker and I presume once Squish arrives it’s only going to get worse! Windows Of The Soul is a super cooling, anti-ageing eye treatment that gently hydrates, brightens and soothes the eye area. It doesn’t irritate my very sensitive skin so I’d say this is safe for everyone to try! A little pump of this massaged into my eye area in the morning brightens my face and makes me look a little more awake and ready for the day!

Temple Spa Mummy Survival Kit sole Balm aaahhh quietude repose windows of the soul

Repose* and Quietude* are two of my pamper night treat products. Quietude is a room and body spray with the most soothing & calming aroma. It makes my bedroom and bathroom smell like a luxurious spa! I like to spray it in my bathroom before I shower or bath and in my bedroom half an hour before I go to bed as it helps to promote a restful night’s sleep and deepen breathing. I’m actually thinking of adding this to my hospital bag for Tim to spray in the room to help me relax a little during labour.

Repose is a super luxurious night cream that again smells absolutely amazing, it helps to relax me and hydrates my dry, pregnant skin.

Pregnant or not I highly recommend checking out all these products on Temple Spa’s website. The Sole Balm and AAAHHH in particular are perfect for getting your feet and legs summer ready.

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