Hypnobirthing + a Birth Plan

I’m in my third trimester and as August looms closer and closer, baby day will be here before I know it! I dislike doctors and bloods and examinations and most of all medicine. I have so many allergies that I tend to be the 1 in 10000 person that has a reaction to a tablet or drug. Due to this I knew from the outset I wanted to aim for the most natural birth possible. I started researching and came across the concept of hypnobirthing.

Mindful hypnobirthing and a birth plan natural

I know some people are sceptical but I really like the concept. Hypnobirthing is all about thinking of birth in a calm and positive manner, it’s not something to be feared but really as a means to meeting your beautiful little baby.

I bought Mindful Hypnobirthing by Sophie Fletcher on Amazon and it has been an absolutely amazing book to read. I highly recommend reading it whether you already know you wish to try hypnobirthing or if you’re just curious to learn a little more!

Mindful hypnobirthing and a birth plan natural

The book also has three downloadable tracks to listen to throughout pregnancy and during labour. A relaxation track, a pregnancy affirmations track and a birth affirmations track. The book helps to guide you through using these tracks. Sudio kindly sent me a set of their gorgeous rose gold wireless Vasa Bla* earphones so I can listen to these tracks throughout my labour without worrying about tossing and turning and getting tangled in the wires. They connect to your phone via Bluetooth and hold charge for 8 hours at a time. I’m so impressed with how easy they are to use! They’ve kindly given me a discount code so you can get 15% off their site using palegirlrambling15

Mindful hypnobirthing and a birth plan natural

I’ve always loved swimming, being by the sea or even getting a shower whenever I feel anxious, there’s something so calming in my opinion about water. So I’m hoping to incorporate water into my Birth Plan also.

I’ve put together a loose Birth Plan and I thought it might be helpful to show those of you who are starting to create your own birth plan. Although I’ve created this plan it’s not set in stone. No body knows how it’s going to go on the day so this is just a guide of how I’d like it to go. Hypnobirthing encourages you to be adaptable and to not let changes in your birth plan to cause anxiety or fear.

Birth Plan

Key points

· We have chosen Hypnobirthing as our kind of birth
· Birthing in water/pool
· We prefer natural childbirth without unnecessary interventions

We have given careful consideration to each specific request in our plan, and we feel that it represents our wishes at this time. We realise that as labour ensues, we may choose to change our thinking and wish to feel free to do so.


· Peace and calm enviroment
· Subdued lighting in the room
· I will be listening to calm relaxation music via headphones or via speakers

Monitoring and Intervention

· Monitoring only if necessary
· Vaginal examination to be kept as infrequent and minimal as possible
· No artificial breaking of water unless absolutely necessary
· No induction of labour unless absolutely necessary


· Labour and birth in the pool. Tim will be supporting me during this time and will be close to me.
· If a water birth isn’t possible, I would like to choose positions that feel comfortable for me. I would NOT like to be laid on my back.
· Please don’t offer me any pain relief. If I want any, I will ask for it.
· Freedom of choice to move (or not to move) during labour.


· No directions during the advanced stages
· No forced “pushing”. I will be using breathing down techniques
· Immediate skin-to-skin contact with my baby if possible
· Delayed clamping or cutting of the cord until AFTER pulsation has stopped.
· Vitamin K can be given by injection, please inform me prior
· No formula for my baby after birth

Thank you for your support in advance to helping us have a wonderful, natural and fulfilling birth experience

I hope you found this post helpful if you’re currently expecting and starting to think about labour. Those of you that have had babies already, have you tried hypnobirthing? I’d absolutely love to know your experience.
Mindful hypnobirthing and a birth plan natural Mindful hypnobirthing and a birth plan natural Mindful hypnobirthing and a birth plan natural

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