Surviving Hay Fever Season with FeelGoodContacts

Hay fever season is one of the worst things about summer. The itchy eyes, runny nose and scratchy throat just gets me down! Of course you can drug yourself up with all the piriton but honestly I find it makes me feel sluggish and I’m just not keen to repeatedly take medicine everyday for multiple months. I thought it’d be helpful to put together a post of my top drug free tips to surviving hay fever season!

Surviving Hay Fever Season with FeelGoodContacts

Hay fever makes my eyes itch like crazy, I think that’s my least favourite part so my number one tip to ease this is to use a Refreshing Eye Mist.* A spritz of eye mist instantly soothes my poor itchy eyes. This handy one from Blink is super tiny so perfect for popping in your handbag when you’re out and about. The difference this makes to irritated eyes is amazing, a complete game changer.

I also always have a pair of sunglasses on whenever I’m outside. I doubt this truly keeps the pollen away but I feel having a barrier between my eyes and the outside world makes me feel much better. (And stops people seeing my eyes streaming and red!) FeelGoodContacts stock so many gorgeous branded sunglasses at very reasonable prices. I picked up the stunning Dark Havana Ray-Bans *and I’m so in love. They’re a beautiful tortoise shell colour and go with every outfit imaginable. The lens’ are yellow tinted and stop that horrible glare from the sun. I have quite a small face so struggle to find glasses and sunglasses that don’t look massive on me. Thankfully these Ray-Bans are perfect for me and a staple for summertime!

Surviving Hay Fever Season with FeelGoodContacts

When I get home in the evenings I like to use the Therapearl Eye Mask* again to soothe my poor eyes. It can be used hot or cold but I find cold is best to relieve hay fever symptoms. I keep the mask in the fridge so it’s always nice and cold by the time I’m home. (It takes around two hours to cool to the perfect temperature when it’s been sitting out) The cold soothes dry eyes, itchiness, irritation and puffiness.

Surviving Hay Fever Season with FeelGoodContacts

On days where my nose is extremely stuffy I like to use Breathe Right nasal strips. You pop them on around the middle of your nose and the little strips help you to breathe throughout the night and stop any congestion. You look a bit funny wearing them but it’s worth it in my opinion to get a good nights sleep!

My final tip is to try out a hay-band. I’ve used the travel sickness version for nausea, I have been for years. Not only does it help with travel sickness but nausea from morning sickness and from my allergies and food intolerances so I had full confidence the hay fever version would work. It’s simply a band that goes round your elbow and presses in on a particular pressure point. Super easy to use and works wonders!

Surviving Hay Fever Season with FeelGoodContacts

Here’s some other top tips on managing hay fever:

Katy suggests – Buy Vaseline and pop it under your eyes and nose to help catch the pollen. Wash off and reapply regularly.

Vicki suggests – Eating local honey. It allows you to ingest local pollen and build a natural tolerance.

Eileen is very brave! She suggests – Sting yourself with nettles, it redirects your immune system.

Lucie suggests – Ginger, green tea and peppermint tea all help with hay fever symptoms. They work as a natural anti-histamine

Georgina suggests – Haymax! I haven’t been without it this season!

Do you suffer badly with hay fever during the summer time? What are your top tips for managing hay fever?
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*This post is sponsored but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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    The blink spray sounds great. Will have to give it a go.

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