Calvin Klein Women

I think I’m developing a fragrance obsession. I’m loving trying out new scents recently and my collection is growing by the day. I’ve lately fallen in love with Calvin Klein’s Women which has just launched at my favourite discount site, Fragrance Direct. It’s definitely not a scent I’d usually pick out for myself. I’m on a mission to try new things though and this fragrance is making me feel like a real mum boss so I’m loving it!

Calvin Klein Women Fragrance Direct


The packaging and bottle of this scent are really different to anything I’ve seen before. I love the modern, simplicity of the bottle. The focus is clearly all on the unique scent. The bottle is definitely going to look striking on my dresser with the large feminine eye though.

‘Feminine. Sensual. Luminous. The first perfume ever created by Raf Simons, Calvin Klein Women denotes not one, but many-a group of individuals, each with their own distinct voice. Drawing inspiration from a sense of freedom and unlimited possibilities, empowered modern women celebrate every aspect of the feminine spirit. Celebrating femininity, Calvin Klein Women combines strength and freshness with sensuality. A woody perfume combined with floral tones, Women makes for an approachable scent at any time of day’


As I said above, this isn’t like the usual fragrances I go for. Calvin Klein’s Women is a woody perfume combined with floral tones. It has a more musky scent than the usual sweet fragrances I’d pick. It has top Notes of Eucalyptus Acorns, heart notes of Orange Flower and woody base notes of Alaskan Cedarwood. I feel very professional when I use this perfume and have been wearing it to some important hospital appointments when I wanted to feel like I had everything together! I think it’s a great day time or work scent. It lasts all day too without the need to reapply constantly which I’m really impressed with! I just don’t have the time to keep reapplying perfume now I have a newborn!

Calvin Klein Women Fragrance Direct

You can purchase Calvin Klein Women at a bargain price on Fragrance Direct’s website. They also have 10% off a £50 spend on top of their usual discounts so now is definitely the time to try this out!

Do you like trying out different fragrances? Do you use different scents for different occasions? Have you tried a Calvin Klein scent before?
*This post is sponsored as always all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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