My Hummy Snoozy – Theo’s Best Friend

As Theo’s due date loomed closer I was getting anxious about all the inevitable sleepless nights. So when My Hummy got in touch and offered to send over Snoozy to try out I jumped at the chance to meet mine and Theo’s new best friend!

My Hummy Snoozy White Noise Toy Baby Sleep

There’s plenty of sleep aids on the market these days but I was particularly keen to try My Hummy’s Snoozy as he is operated by an app so you can turn him on and off and change the settings without having to go near the cot and disturb your sweet sleeping baby.

Firstly I absolutely love the look of the little Snoozy. There’s 5 colour options, the obvious pink and blue as well as grey, white and mint. I really liked how different the mint looked so we opted for him along with a beautiful matching mint coloured super soft baby blanket.

My Hummy Snoozy White Noise Toy Baby Sleep

My Hummy Snoozy White Noise Toy Baby Sleep

Snoozy’s white noise machine is removable so he’s perfectly happy to be popped in the washing machine to be cleaned up!

The little heart that produces the white noise is battery powered. When you add the batteries the Bluetooth is turned on and you can pair it with your phone to control it. You can change the type of sound, volume, how long it lasts as well as setting timers and alarms. There’s five different white noise options, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, ocean waves, falling rain and amniotic fluid with heartbeat. My Hummy has a 12 non stop mode for those really fussy nights as well as a sleep sensor that turns Snoozy back on if your little one begins to stir.

Another really cool function of My Hummy’s Snoozy is being able to use it as a baby monitor. When ‘Nanny mode’ is activated Snoozy sends a notification to your phone to let you know when your baby is awake.

My Hummy Snoozy White Noise Toy Baby Sleep

The real question though is whether this actually helps Theo sleep. We pop Snoozy into Theo’s Snuzpod during every nap and although I normally nurse him to sleep Snoozy definitely helps keep Theo settled whenever he begins to stir during his nap. This means mummy can actually get more than 30 minutes sleep!

I think when using Snoozy with a newborn that consistency is key. Theo associates the white noise with calm, cuddles and sleepy time and I think as he gets older this will be a god send! Snoozy has also really helped with sleep when we’ve been in and out of hospital so much, Snoozy comes everywhere so no matter where Theo is he hears Snoozy and knows it’s sleepy time.

Have you tried a white noise toy to help your little one sleep? You can purchase Snoozy and see the other My Hummy teddies on My Hummy’s website.
*This post is sponsored - as always all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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  1. Soffy S
    August 31, 2018 / 8:23 am

    Wish we had invested in one of these! But was always with the mindset ‘I’m sure baby’s sleep can’t be that bad’ well, 18 months of no sleep has been the answer!! Lovely post, will be keeping this in mind if there’s a next time xx

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