Snuzpod2 vs Snuzpod3

With the exciting arrival of the Snuzpod3 just in time for Theo’s arrival I thought it was only right to create a post comparing it to the previous Snuzpod2.

Snuzpod2 vs Snuzpod3 cosleeping crib

Snuzpod2 vs Snuzpod3 cosleeping crib

I originally bought the Snuzpod2 as I loved the idea of a co sleeping crib that attached to my bed. It was super easy to build, it took me maybe 30 mins tops and I’m really not the best with DIY so I’m sure it’d been even quicker and easier for those of you that are DIY inclined. The whole Snuzpod just oozes quality. The wooden structure is sturdy and finished beautifully, even the screws are sturdy with a beautiful brushed finish. The whole building process has been well thought out by the makers of the Snuzpod making it super easy for any parent to be.

You may be wondering why anyone would need a Snuzpod3 when I speak so highly of the 2, but hear me out!

Snuzpod2 vs Snuzpod3 cosleeping crib

Snuzpod2 mattress compared to the Snuzpod3 mattress

The first feature of the 3 is a wider bassinet. Snuzpod’s already last considerably longer than Moses baskets but the 3 is an extra 20% wider than the original so you’ll get even more time out of it! Don’t panic though, this doesn’t make the removalable bassinet heavier, they’ve actually made it 30% lighter than the original making it even easier to carry up and down the stairs for daytime naps. This wider bassinet also means there’s more space for our Sleepyhead.

Although both Snuzpod’s can be rocked to soothe your little one, the 3 has an additional removable reflux tilt that is easily screwed onto the bottom of the crib. I’m not sure yet if we’ll need to use this function but it’s nice to know the option is there should Theo suffer with reflux.

Snuzpod2 vs Snuzpod3 cosleeping crib

There are more height options for the Snuzpod3. It has a height range of 31cm-63cm, with 9 different options whereas the original Snuzpod2 can only be adjusted from 37cm-58cm with 7 different options. I didn’t think I had a particularly tall bed but when I measured it unbelievably it was at the top of the Snuzpod3 maximum so I’m really pleased Snuz have increased the height range.

Another new feature of the Snuzpod3 is the addition of mesh sides on both sides of the bassinet. Previously there was only one mesh side which I wasn’t as keen on. It meant the mesh side was only of use if the zipper was up.

Snuzpod2 vs Snuzpod3 cosleeping crib

Snuzpod2 vs Snuzpod3 cosleeping crib

I didn’t think it was possible to like the Snuzpod even more but the 3 has really outdone its self! A final style point, I love that the Snuzpod3 has the option to have a grey lining instead of white. I suits the style of my bedroom more and also I feel it will show up less marks.

You can purchase your Snuzpod3 at with all the other accessories. Have you tried out a Snuzpod? Do you like the idea of a cosleeping crib?

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  1. September 12, 2018 / 7:06 pm

    My Snuzpod2 was one of my best purchases, I loved having her sleep so close to me, and she took to it really well. Would definitely recommend.

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