Theodore – 1 Month Baby Update

I cannot even believe I am typing this! Theodore is one month old already! How can that even be?! On one hand it seems like only yesterday that I was pregnant, waddling around, waiting on Theo’s arrival but on the other I can’t imagine my life without him.

Theodore one month baby update

Our first month has been rocky with quite a few hospital appointments for both myself and Theo. Thankfully each test they’ve done on him has come back clear, we’ve got two more to go and then hopefully that’ll be the end of hospitals for a long time! Theo’s been a wee star throughout it though and every nurse, doctor and consultant has said what an angel baby he is!

Theodore one month baby update


If you read my pregnancy updates you’ll know that they’ve constantly been keeping an eye of Theo’s growth. He measured small throughout all my scans and was a dinky 6lbs 7oz when he was born at 40+2 weeks! Theo dropped to 6lbs 3oz after he was born and has only been gaining weight slowly so he’s been getting weighed lots by midwives and health visitors. At one month old he now weights 7lbs 8.5oz so he’s still tiny and floating somewhere between the 2nd and 9th centile. He still wears all his newborn clothes and even some of them are still loose on him! I’ve a tonne of 0-1 month baby grows that I can’t wail for him to get a little bigger so he can finally fit into them and save me washing as much! He only has a few newborn baby grows as everyone told me he’d only been in them for around a week so I need to have a quick washing turn around currently! He’s quite a long baby though so I think he’s going to be tall and thin rather than short and chubby like mummy!

Theodore one month baby update


The difference in Theo in the past few weeks is crazy! He is the most insanely alert baby, he always has his eyes open and likes to look around. He loves his stars and moons baby gym from Mamas & Papas and follows the objects with his eyes with the odd hand reaching up to try and touch. His neck muscles are already insane, he can hold his head up for short periods of time and he does almost mini baby sit ups while kicking his legs when you lie him flat. He clearly does not like to sit still, I can tell I’m going to have my hands full as he gets older!

He loves to pull my hair and scrunch my tshirt when he’s feeding and likes to grasp his Nan and aunties hands when they’re holding him. He has such a personality already and likes to coo if he’s happy or grumble if he’s not getting his way!

Theodore one month baby update

Hes a definite Mumma’s boy, he wants to be held by me constantly! It’s adorable and I love the cuddles but it makes getting anything done a real challenge! We’re trying out some baby carriers and slings currently to see if he’ll be happy being close to me that way but then I’ll have two hands free to make food or put the washing on!

We’ve gone to a few baby groups and Theo seems to love looking around at all the other babies and mummies. We’re currently attending a baby reflexology course to help learn techniques to soothe and calm your baby and he’s really loving it!

Theodore one month baby update


I wish I could say we were in some great sleep routine but alas I take each day as it comes! Some days if we’ve been to a baby class in the morning he’ll be exhausted in the afternoon and then will be awake large chunks of the night. Other days if we’ve been chilling in the house he’s much calmer and settles around 11pm with the odd wake up for a feed. We’re breastfeeding so if he’s going through a growth spurt he also cluster feeds which is pretty exhausting. We’ll get there though, he’s still got plenty of time to figure out the whole sleep thing!

Theodore one month baby update

I cannot believe that’s a month gone already, they tell you that the time flies by and boy are they right! I feel like I’m going to blink and he’ll be off at nursery and heading out on educational school trips while I sit at home and cry about missing the baby days! I’m truly  loving every second of Theo and can’t wait to keep watching him grow!
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  1. September 18, 2018 / 11:12 am

    He’s totally gorgeous, cant believe he is 1 month old already Xx

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