Bellamoon Half Moon – A Breastfeeding Essential

I’m not going to lie, Theo and I have had a pretty rocky and eventful breastfeeding journey to date! I’ll have a blog post up this weekend all about our first month feeding but until then I wanted to introduce you to the Bellamoon, Theo’s favourite thing to snuggle up in while he feeds!

Bellamoon Half Moon - A Breastfeeding Essential

Bellamoon is a multi use 7-in-1 breastfeeding aid. It can be used as a day bed, pregnancy pillow, tummy time pillow, nursing cover, baby pod (the half moon), feeding pillow or baby lounger. The Bellamoon cover in a gorgeous pattern is fully removable and washable.

Bellamoon was created by Irene, a local mum who named the Bellamoon after her daughter Bella! Irene was a breastfeeding mother herself and like all breastfeeding mums was overcome with the exhaustion of the night feeds! Like me, Irene reverted to the lateral breastfeeding position so that she could rest and snooze while her little one fed. This position isn’t the most comfortable for prolonged periods of time but it’s oh so necessary when your little one is waking up every 20 minutes to feed like Theo currently is! Irene made it her mission to find a safe and comfortable way for babies and mums to breastfeed in the lateral position and so the Bellamoon was born!

Bellamoon Half Moon - A Breastfeeding Essential

Theo and I have been trying out the baby pod named the Half Moon* and we absolutely love it!

One of my main worries when feeding Theo at night is that he’ll roll into me, suffocate and die! (I’m sure every mum has worried about this at some point!) The Bellamoon Half Moon comes with a cleverly designed soft but structured removable wedge to prevent this and from the second Theo and I started using the Half Moon I’ve felt at ease! The Half Moon also has a breathable tilted edge to prevent baby from rolling over to the other side and falling out of the bed. It’s super easy to swap sides too, just pick the Half Moon up and flip it round to the other side!

The Half Moon baby pod has its own mini mattress which is super comfy for Theo and provide a little more support for him when he’s feeding.

You can truly tell that the Bellamoon has been designed by a breastfeeding mother. Every little detail is so carefully thought out. Whether your a mummy, mummy to be, daddy, daddy to be or just a friend or family member looking to buy a present for a breastfeeding Mumma, Bellamoon is something I’d highly recommend. I love the bond Theo and I have when we feed in the lateral position and Bellamoon is the perfect product to nurture this bond.

Bellamoon Half Moon - A Breastfeeding Essential

Irene kindly gave me a discount code to share with you all. Use the code PALEGIRL10 at for 10% off the Bellamoon Full Moon or Half Moon until the 29th of November!

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