Theodore James – 3 Month Update

I feel like I’m starting every update like this but seriously, my little boy is 3 months old?! Where is the time going! Theo has changed so much in the past three months it’s crazy, he’s like a whole different baby, he’s so clever and I am beyond proud of the special little boy he is becoming!

This update is a bit late going up! I wrote it at the time I just didn’t have a chance to upload it!

Theodore James - 3 Month Baby Update


Theo is such a chub! Well he’s not really but to me he seems it. He’s now wearing his 0-3 month baby grows and they’re not even big on him. He feels like a tonne weight whenever he falls asleep in my arms and I definitely rely on his Izmi baby wrap to carry him around now instead of my arms because he feels so chunky.

Theodore James - 3 Month Baby Update


Again Theo has come on leaps and bounds in his development this month! He’s so clever and it blows my mind watching him everyday. He’s so much more interested in his toys now, he loves soft things like his favourite blanket and lights and sounds. He’s able to be set down on his playmats for much more than two seconds now without having a meltdown (an impressive feat for such a needy baby) and he loves kicking his wee legs about. His smiles light up his face and he laughs, although sound doesn’t come out just yet! His head control gets better day after day and he just loves to sit on my knee and look around the world at everything.

Theodore James - 3 Month Baby Update


What is sleep?! Any sleep pattern Theo previously had is long gone! We take each days as it comes now and I just have to hope that he sleeps well the night before I have any important appointments or things to do. (Although he normally doesn’t!) He’s content when he wakes, he just wants fed, it’s just a shame that some nights he fancies a snack every 20 minutes or so!

Theodore James - 3 Month Baby Update

Time is flying by! He’s become his own little person already, my tiny curly baby is long gone but I absolutely adore the little boy Theo is becoming!

How did you find month three? Did you notice a big change in your little one?

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  1. December 5, 2018 / 9:34 pm

    It was around the three month mark my son dropped a night feed and started sleeping through the bulk of the night. His last feed used to be around 11ish and he’s gonrheough till 6. Hopefully Theo starts sleeping for longer periods of time too!
    Gemma x |

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