Baby Wearing with the Izmi Baby Carrier & Wrap

Theo is a mummy’s boy. He absolutely hates being put down and likes to be cuddled by me all the time. I love it of course but it means it is literally impossible for me to get anything done around the house, even eating my breakfast when he was tiny was a mammoth task full of screams from Theo if I set him down for the 30 seconds it’s took me to wolf down a bowl of cereal.

Baby Wearing with the Izmi Baby Carrier & Wrap

I’d received an Izmi Baby carrier as a gift when pregnant but I’d put it at the back of the baby drawer with the intention of using it for outdoor walks when Theo was older. In a final attempt to get some dishes done I pulled out the carrier one day and was absolutely amazed by how much Theo loved it! He was close by me and felt cuddled because of the carrier and I actually had two hands free! Happy mummy and happy Theo! I’m sure you’ve seen me raving about the carrier on my Instagram stories over the past 8 months, it’s definitely made it onto my baby must have list! I use it all the time whether it’s for a quick trip round to the shops, for a bumpy walk which the buggy couldn’t handle or just for a quick attempt at doing the dishes when Theo’s being particularly clingy. The thing I love most about the carrier is how easy and quick it is to put on. Two buckle clicks and Theo’s safe and sound. It’s also suitable from newborn up to so you really get your moneys worth.

Izmi saw how much we loved using our carrier and kindly got in touch and gifted us a wrap to try out too! The wrap is much softer than the carrier and super comfy for wearing around the house. I prefer the more structured carrier for out and about. I like to pop my wrap on in the morning and then take Theo out or pop him in depending on what I’m doing that day. I can even feed him in the wrap if I’m wearing one of my Chico Jacks breastfeeding tops.

Baby Wearing with the Izmi Baby Carrier & Wrap Baby Wearing with the Izmi Baby Carrier & Wrap

Baby Wearing with the Izmi Baby Carrier & Wrap

When I first received the wrap I was anxious about how to put it on, it looks very complicated but thankfully it isn’t! Izmi have a super handy video on YouTube for you to watch and it took me all of two minutes to figure out how to pop the wrap on and the more I’ve done it the more practiced I’ve become. I’ve realised that if the wrap is too loose the tip is to tighten the two front panels, this means baby will be nice and snug!

Baby Wearing with the Izmi Baby Carrier & Wrap  Baby Wearing with the Izmi Baby Carrier & Wrap

I’ve tried a few other wraps and carriers over the past eight months and honestly none compare to Izmi. Both the wrap and the carrier are so sturdy, the material of the Izmi wrap is super soft but also incredibly strong so it holds Theo (who’s getting rather heavy now) with ease! I know I’ll get months more use out of these.

Baby wearing in my opinion makes life so much easier and I’d highly recommend giving it a go. You can purchase an Izmi carrier or wrap at Cheeky Rascals or on Amazon.



  1. May 2, 2019 / 9:15 pm

    I love my baby carrier when my little girl wasn’t mobile! She loved it too and I kind of miss carrying her around.

    Katie xx

  2. May 4, 2019 / 10:54 am

    This looks so cosy for babies and so handy for you! These are the cutest photos too x

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