Breastfeeding Month 3 & Beyond

I can proudly say that over 10 months in Theo and I are still exclusively breastfeeding and are truly loving our experience now everything has settled down! If you read my previous updates you’ll know we’ve had quite a rocky journey. From latch issues, mastitis and a breast abscess that nearly stopped our breastfeeding journey in its tracks we’ve had quite the experience. 

I can thankfully say my breast abscess is well on the path to recovery. It’s not fully healed and the hospital honestly aren’t sure how long it will take to properly heal. I’ll always be at an extremely high risk of getting another abscess due to the amount of damage to my body that it caused and that’s something I’m absolutely terrified of but as long as Theo keeps feeding consistently then hopefully I’ll be okay.  

Month 3 was a particularly monumentus month in our breastfeeding journey. If you’ve read my previous updates you’ll know Theo and I had to use nipple shields due to his latch issues and due to a lump I had near one of my nipples. We worked tirelessly with a lactation consultant to try and get away from using the shields but Theo was having none of it. I’m not going to lie it was frustrating and upsetting but as my lactation consultant pointed out breastfeeding is a two way street, I can only do so much myself but then Theo needs to do his bit and he obviously was not ready to give up the shields. I’d stopped trying to take the shields away as I didn’t want Theo to associate feeding with stress and I’d just kind of accepted that we’d need to use shields for the duration of our feeding journey. My lactation consultant had read up on a lot of success stories of women who fed for a few years with shields so I was feeling optimistic. Then randomly at 3am one night, on one of Theo’s many night feeds, Theo pulled the shield away himself and threw it down the bed and latched on. I literally couldn’t believe it. If I hadn’t been there myself I wouldn’t have believed that he did it all by himself. It was a surreal moment and something I will cherish forever.

He’d latched beautifully onto my good side and I was overjoyed but also extremely anxious because I knew the next feed was on my ‘bad’ side as I call it. The side with the large lump at my nipple that Theo was unable to latch over as a little baby. I just went for it though, I didn’t put the shield on and he didn’t even flinch, just latched on as if he’d been doing it that way all his life and we haven’t looked back! 

Feeding is so much easier now and I’m so glad I persevered with it because it’s an experience I will never forget.

I’m not sure how long our breastfeeding journey will continue but I’m loving it more than ever and so is Theo so we’ll just have to see what happens. When I typed this post up, (it’s been sitting in my drafts for months!) I thought this would be the last ‘regular’ up date but now I’m not so sure. In the meantime while I decide, my messages and DMs on social media are always open for questions or advice or even just an ear to listen. 

Did you find feeding got easier as your baby got older? Did you set yourself a breastfeeding goal or did you just see how things went?

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