The Leesa Mattress- A Year On

I’ve seen hundreds of reviews of mattresses online telling you which one you must get but most of the reviews have tested the mattress for a month or so. I myself posted a review of my Leesa mattress a month after I got it full of reasons why you should get one. I totally loved it but had I really tested it enough?  It’s now well over a year on and I feel I’ve fully put my Leesa mattress to the test. Pregnancy, the newborn days and now a one year old have fairly put the Leesa mattress through its paces, so I thought I’d let you all know whether I still think the Leesa mattress is a great buy or not.

Looking back to my original review the mattress was super easy to order and arrived vacuum packed in a box. Set up was super easy and the mattress felt great. A year on and my mattress is still just as comfy as the day I got it, if not even comfier! I love getting into bed and sinking into my mattress. The Leesa mattress is made of a hybrid memory foam and has three different layers, because of this the mattress doesn’t sink in where you’ve been sleeping and acquire a big indent over time, one of my pet hates about memory foam. I’ve had this mattress through summer and winter, so I’ve tested it in different temperatures. I know a lot of people fear mattress’ with memory foam will cause you to over heat but I can guarentee that even through what felt like the hottest summer ever while pregnant the Leesa mattress kept me nice and cool. The quality of the Leesa mattress really is unbeatable and I know I’ll get years more nights of comfy sleep.

Leesa don’t just sell mattresses any more, they also have pillows perfectly made to suit your Leesa mattress. Their pillows are a mix of memory foam and micro fibre so they’re the perfect balance of firm yet soft. Like the mattress they don’t cause you to over heat.

I’d still recommend getting your hands on a Leesa mattress, you won’t be disappointed. Not only is the Leesa mattress ultra comfy but for every 10 mattresses Leesa sells, they donate a mattress to homeless shelters and others in need as well as planting a tree for every mattress sold. Honestly what more could you want from a company?


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