Gemstone Jewellery For Any Event Or Occasion

If you have ever been stuck for ideas when it comes to buying the perfect gift for friends or family, you will be pleased to find out that gemstone jewellery makes the perfect present. From something to wear on holiday to something to accompany a business suit at a high-powered meeting, gemstone jewellery can provide the finishing touch. It’s worth bearing in mind that the jewellery a person wears is a very personal thing, so it’s wise to only buy for people you know really well but it can still be a difficult choice to make.

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If you let your chosen jewellery expert know for whom you are buying for and provide a brief overview of their sense of style, he or she may be able to make some recommendations based on the information you provide about the intended recipient. See below for a list of occasions and environments where a perfectly selected item of gemstone jewellery could make all the difference.


Holidays are an exciting time of year for most people and if you are buying someone a gift before they go, you will need to work out the most appropriate piece. This is not to say you should buy an exquisite piece of jewellery for someone who is going on safari or trekking in the Himalaya because in all honesty it will probably stay safely locked in the hotel safe, but for something like a cruise holiday, it’s perfect.

Cruise holidays have long been associated with well-heeled society and if your intended recipient is going on one of the more formal cruises, an invite to the Captain’s table is a real possibility and for that, you really do need to look the part. A necklace adorned with Alexandrite gemstones or a classy pair of diamond of earrings will complement any item of formal evening wear perfectly.

For Work

Although you may not specifically buy a family member or friend an item of gemstone jewellery for work, a well-designed and thought-out piece of jewellery can really go well with a smart business suit. For something like a high-powered business meeting with a client, it’s important not to opt for anything too ornate or flashy. Something elegant will give an air of sophistication that will be noticed by colleagues and potential clients alike. If you are buying for a recipient where the jewellery could be worn in a corporate work environment be sure to make the right selection. Your chosen jeweller may be able to provide you with some help.


Each month of the year has a corresponding birthstone, so this makes getting a special present for a loved one relatively easy. A quick look online will tell you which birthstone corresponds with which month so all you need to do is pick a suitable piece of jewellery. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces are generally better choices than a ring as you don’t need to spoil the surprise by asking for measurements.

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To sum up, a piece of gemstone jewellery makes the perfect gift for all women. If you need any inspiration, all you have todo is look online or speak to your jewellery expert.


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