The Popular Jewellery Styles of the 1940s

The 1940s was full of character in more ways than one. The jewellery of the time reflected this and you could see several styles come out such as beads, button earrings, brooches, floral themes, fruits, bib necklaces and much more.

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If you have a certain c2uriosity and passion for the 40s era and love your accessories, this is the perfect article to read. Whether you are looking at it from an antique point of view or for your own collection, knowing the common themes and styles will give you great insight into this era and their jewellery trends.

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The Popular Jewellery Styles of the 1940s

From patriotic themes to bangles, the common designs of jewellery in the 40s are resurfacing today and becoming ever more cherished. To gain a brief insight into the history, you would have seen many charm bracelets, flower themes and unique brooches, especially in 1948. There was a great depression post war that brought the world of fashion back to the U.S. This meant that the fashion industry was now craving colour, brightness, and accessories that picked up the mood!

Here are some common styles you would have seen during this decade:

Large statement necklacesYou will see less silver-plated jewellery as metal was in low supply during the war. Moreover, many of the necklaces would repurpose military tools and you would see sterling silver often be used.

Unique brooches/lapel pinsThese were an absolute trend in the 40s and every woman could be seen wearing one. They were bright, large, colourful and joyful to mark the signs of the times. Normally, women would wear them with plain tops or masculine suits. You would also see them adorned in hats, belts and other accessories worn on the body. Occasionally, colour gemstones were also a part of the brooches and they would be viewed as a work of art.

Gold plated costume jewelleryMany couldn’t afford gold back in the 40s so metal was given a golden warm finish to give the illusion of luxury. It’s common to find vermeil being used to design costume jewellery. There were various designers of the era that done famous animal figures on bold jewellery that become collectables and very valuable.

Handmade accessoriesHandmade and DIY was very popular because of the austerity and restrictions of materials. Moreover, there was a surge in handmade jewellery that could be practically anything as long as it was low cost.

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As you can see, there was plenty of resourcefulness in this era due to the post war times and this was largely reflected in the jewellery designs. Now there is a craving for these designs in the current day and age due to their boldness, fun, brightness and beauty.


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